One of these things is not like the other...

There are many wonderous, delightful ways that my children are different.

One is blonde.

One is brunette. (Does anyone still say brunette? Should I just say, "One has brown hair"? I don't know. Whatever.)

One is a drummer.

One plays guitar.

One is almost a teenager.

One is still a teeny, tiny, baby 10 year old.

One doesn't mind a haircut so short that I worry that people will start asking if he is undergoing some sort of medical treatment.

One would be happy if he never got his hair cut again in this lifetime.

One is comfortable wearing a rainbow colored propeller beanie to school.

One, let's just say, is NOT.

And I truly, truly love all the things that make them different. Well, almost all.
But one way I wouldn't mind them being a little more similar is...

One would get his picture taken all day...

What a cheeseball.

And one... Well, I think he might be practicing for someday when he is a famous drummer and has to dodge paparazzi.

I'll get you yet, kid.

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  1. I'll see what I can do today, maybe I'll catch him unawares and get a good pic!


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