Good news and Gizmo


Super G

The Chi

The Gizmobile

Agent Kumquat (Yeah, dont' ask. We don't know, either)

The Salty Sea Dog

This is but a short list of the weird names we call the dog. It doesn't stop there.

There are songs.

Lots of songs.
Any song you know, we have probably changed the words to it, and made it an Ode to the Small Dog. Plus a number of original compositions.

It's pretty weird, but it keeps us entertained.

(My sweet husband asks, at this point, that I clarify "Us" as "the kids and me, and definitely NOT him. Not. Him." Got it?)

There is also a National Gizmo Day. Seriously. It's November 14th. Because a couple of years ago, Gizmo got his picture in a calendar. Really. Wanna see?

My plan, for the last two years, was to blog about this on the actual day. Namely, November 14th.

You see how well that has been working out for me.
So I'm blogging about it now. In August. Because, apparently, it was that or nothing.

Besides, Gizmo is now world famous in a whole new way. His likeness is now hanging in the greatest little shop. It's called Canine Utopia and it's located on Main St. in Vancouver. Evan, the wonderful owner, has allowed me to display my paintings there in an effort to get the word out about my custom watercolor pet portraits.

If you have a dog, have had a dog, have ever thought about getting a dog or have walked by a dog in a public place and thought, "That's a really cute dog!" you should check out Canine Utopia. They've got super-premium dog food, as well as all manner of cute dog stuff. Say hi to Evan. Check out the art.

Tell them Gizmo sent you.

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  1. I *heart* Gizmo!!!!! He's the bomb!!! And congrats on your feature in the pet store!


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