Meet Lucy and Gizmo

Oh, are you in for a treat today! I'd like you to meet Lucy and Gizmo.

Lucy, for those of you who don't know, is my alter-ego. My sweet husband calls me Lucy when I come up with some completely insane plan, like, say, jack-hammering up the drivway of our house in Clackamas and fitting it back together like a puzzle with ground-cover moss growing between the pieces.

No, I didn't actually do that. I would have, but I couldn't induce Mark to run the jack hammer.

Or buying seven Nigerian Dwarf goats because I wanted to name them after the seven dwarves (dwarfs?). Dwarf goats. Get it?

Couldn't get the go-ahead on that one either.

Anyway, Mark has taken to calling me Lucy, after a certain 1950's redhead who was well known for "havin' some 'splainin' to do."

Gizmo is actually real and he looks alot like the picture.


He's my sidekick, and probably the best dog ever. Sorry, Giz. Not probably. He IS the best dog ever.
He never tells me my ideas are insane.
How many dogs can you say that about?
So anyway, Lucy and Gizmo are the new official hosts of the Glory Bee Farm blog. So don't blame me for any craziness that shows up here. It's not my fault. Honest.

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