Oh, the terrifying potential...

It's too much, I tell you. Too much!

I've wanted to learn to paint with watercolors for ever so long, and finally, I have a chance to take a class at my kids school. So, with encouragement from another mom who also wanted to take the class, which, by the way, is for 8th graders, I said, "Sure, why not?" and signed up.

It was so exciting to go to the craft store and buy this pretty, pretty box of watercolor paints.

See, isn't it a pretty box? Isn't it alluring and seductive? Doesn't it just scream, "If you buy me you will instantly be able to paint beautiful tropical fish?" Not that I necessarily want to paint tropical fish, but you get my point.

Don't you? Please tell me that you get my point.


I got the pretty box home. I laid it out with this:

and these:

And found myself completely paralyzed by all the perfect, pretty, pristine tubes in the box. Knowing that there was no way I could live up to their potential. That if I took them out of the box and, heaven forbid, tried to paint something, the only potential reaction to said painting would be, "Oh... that's not good."

But I tried anyway.

And this is what I got.

Um, those are apples, by the way.

Yes, they ARE.

Okay, if I already knew how to watercolor apples, I would not be humbling myself by taking a class with a bunch of 8th graders, who are by definition at the age where they know everything. So if you ever want to feel well and truly humbled, try learning a brand new activity in the presence of 8th graders.

My point being.........

Oh, yeah, my point being, you've got to start somewhere.


  1. Oh fun! I'm jealous. Watercolor is my absolute favorite medium. Keep us posted on the 8th grade humiliation. And by the way - those totally look like apples. You rock.

  2. Good job! I can't even draw a stick figure!



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