We interupt our regularly scheduled vacation pictures...

To those of you who faithfully checked this space for updates of our trip to South Dakota (you know who you are...) I apologize for the delay. I found myself so immersed in vacationing, that I was disgracefully lax about blogging my vacation. That's about to change. Tomorrow. First, Mark has to transfer all my vacation pictures from his laptop to the home computer. I know, he should be doing that right now, but his priorities are woefully misplaced and he decided he would go to work instead of catering to my blogging needs. Very sad. Do stay tuned, though. There are a couple amazing stories that you won't want to miss, and there are pictures to go along with them.
P.S. There's a reason Mason isn't in the family picture in the last post. He took the picture. My baby has developed a passion for photography. It makes his mama proud. Unfortunately, it took him about one day to discover that his point and shoot birthday present cannot adequately capture images like Mt. Rushmore at night and wildlife half a mile away. If this continues, I won't be able to afford his hobby.

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