On the road again...

I'm writing this from St. Anthony, Idaho. I know! Who's ever heard of St. Anthony, Idaho. Well, Mark, for one. Our hotel overlooks the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. For those of you who don't fly fish, that is a very big deal. I may not be able to get Mark to come back home with us. It's pretty, I will say that. It also, apparently, is quite the fly fishing river.

We left home yesterday and got to Mark's sister's house in Meridian, Idaho. We all did fireworks and then crashed there for the night. This morning, we caravaned with Mark's parents to Sun Valley for an antiques fair. I exhibited super-human restraint and spent no money. This was largely motivated by my memory of the most amazing cowboy antique store in Cody, Wyoming. We'll be there Monday. Of course, that place might as well be a museum as far as my finances are concerned. They are not givin' that stuff away.

After that we stopped at Craters of the Moon National Monument. Lava fields extended for miles and miles. I couldn't decide which was more dramatic: the rocks, the wind-twisted trees or the thunderclouds building overhead.

In the morning it's off to Yellowstone. Happy fourth, everyone!

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