Oh, you meant it's hot...

Mark tried to warn him. He really did. But Max can usually eat anything hot. He's like his dad that way. But not this time. We were in Cody, Wyoming, which, by the way, is one of my very most favoritest places. I was off wandering through the Traces of Light gallery, and trying to think of a way to get the photographers who own it to adopt me, and Mark was keeping the boys entertained and oblivious to the fact that their mother was thinking of running away to be a full time photographer.

That was when they found a little shop that sold all manner of jerkey (think antelope, buffalo and rattlesnake.) They also sold a wide range of salsas and hotsauces. If you ask me about it, I'll tell you about the one that is totally inappropriate to talk about in a public forum. They had a nice little table set out with samples of many of their delightful wares.

Mason, being a fairly reasonable person when it comes to hot foods stuck to the "middle of the road" salsa. Even that, Mark told me later, made his face go beet red, starting with his neck and working steadily up to his hair line, not unlike a cartoon character.

Mark was game for anything. Even the one with the warning label that said, "Hot! Hot! Hot!" Truth in advertising. It made Mark break out in a sweat.

So when Max asked to try it, Mark said, "I don't know if I'd do that if I were you." Max, undeterred, figured he was up to the challenge.

This is when his mother walked into the shop. Max had kind of a funny look on his face.

"Buddy, are you alright?"

And that's when Max burst into uncontrollable sobs.

This is my tough boy. The boy who eats everything his dad eats.

"What happened!!!!!!!"

Then I got the story. Sheesh. The two men who worked in the shop were standing around with blank looks on their faces. Uh, guys... do you think you could get a glass of water for this kid? RIGHT NOW?????????? Honestly.

We got the majority of the fire put out, but Max was complaining of a headache for the next half hour. Don't worry though. By the time I had walked all over half of Cody and found him some aspirin, not to mention a glass of water to take it with, he was fine. Of course.

Like we told Max, pain is temporary, but a good story lasts forever.

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