The Blue Man Show

Okay so the good news is. Since Mark works for HP, he can "check out" very, very neato electronical type stuff to bring home and try. After a small amount of weeping and pleading and nashing of teeth my digital slr obsession was finally was high enough on his radar that he brought me home a Nikon D80. (Sorry to all my friends who live and die by their Canons.)

The bad news. Well, there are two bad newses.

First I have to give it back on Monday. (They'll have to catch me first!)

Second some of my pictures are coming SOOC with this weird blue tint to them. Not all of them. I can shoot a series of 5 pictures in exactly the same way and some are blue and some are normal. I can fix it in photoshop, cause I found the most amazing book: The Photoshop CS Book, by Scott Kelby, that is written with my exact level of technical ineptitude in mind, but really, what is the deal with the blue?????? Can any of my photog friends help me out here????

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