Young boys should never be sent to bed… they always wake up a day older. J.M. Barrie

My babies... My babies are just finishing up fifth and second grades, respectively. Do I have to be ready for this? Part of me can't wait for summer break, which is, by the way, only 5 weeks and 1 day away. Man, I look forward to having my babies home with me all the time. Really, they are the most fun and I love having them around. Also, this is the first year that I've really been working on a regular basis, and since I'm working as a teacher's aid at the school, summer break is a vacation for me too, and don't think I'm not looking forward to that! But...Mason will never be in fifth grade again, and I'll never have a second grader again at all. Excuse me...
Okay, I'm done crying now. I know from experience that raising these boys just gets better and better as we move from one stage to another, but, I can't help it. It just kills me to let go of the stage we're in. I cry myself to sleep on the "eve" of every birthday my boys have. I put them to bed one age and they wake up another! Isn't there anything that can be done about this?????
PS- Notice the picture. I "photoshopped" out the background. I think I'm pretty cool.

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  1. Hey - how do you photoshop backgrounds out? I don't have PhSh but iPhoto on my Mac is pretty darn cool,


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