It ain't easy being a boy.

For those of you who know my family, you know that injuries, bloodshed and trips to the emergency room are just the cost of doing business when you're raising two boys and are married to another one. Here's a delightful shot of the latest in a long line of spectacular war wounds. Mason and Max were having a pillowfight. When Mason dove head-first into his brother's pillow, he didn't know that it was sitting on top of a log bed post. No stitches or trips to the emergency room this time. Just spectacular swelling and bruising. Isn't it nice to have a sympathetic mother who makes you sit still so that she can document the latest catastrophe for her blog? I bet the girls at school are "Oh, poor baby"-ing him to death. I also bet that he doesn't quite hate it as much as he pretends. 5th grade is a weird age.