The Bumpus Hounds

Okay, to get the title of this post you have to have more than a passing aquaintence with what my sweet husband would call the only Christmas movie worth watching: A Christmas Story. You know, the one with the Red Ryder Beebee Gun and "you'll shoot your eye out, kid." Sound familiar? If it does then you may remember that the next door neighbors of the main family were the Bumpuses and their main claim to fame was owning, like, a billion hound dogs that bayed and howled and ran amok and generally drove everybody crazy. This week the Cunninghams have officially changed their name to the Bumpuses. Let me introduce: Gizmo, Moose, Voey, Patch, Spot the Dog and Marty the Wonder Dog. Know how many dogs is too many? Six. Oh, wow. I have so many dogs that blogger has cut me off before I could post pictures of all of them. I'll have to outsmart my computer by putting Marty the Wonder Dog on his own post. He deserves it anyway, seeing as how he's a wonder dog and all.