Here is Gidget. Cutest little button! She is five months old and for those of you who know (or care) about Haflinger bloodlines, her daddy is Altess. Today is a big and stressful day for Miss Gidget. Weaning! This is the first time that I've weaned a foal and my knowledge comes from what I read on the internet, and what my good and knowledgeable horsey friend Angel has told me about her experience. I've decided to go with the "adjacent pasture" approach to weaning. I had to put Gidget in the barn while I moved mommy Paris down to the bottom pasture. Oh my word! I thought Gidget was going to kick the barn down with her tiny little hooves and I thought Paris was going to run herself into a lather, or go straight through the fence! Fortunately, as soon as I turned Gidget out in the upper pasture she and mom both settled down and began munching on hay. Now they can see each other, but not get to each other and they both seem content. Paris is for sale, so if you are interested, please contact Glory Bee Farm at 360-666-3567. I am just starting to work with her, so in a few days I should be able to tell more about her abilities. Stay posted!