Thinning the herd

So here's a fun problem to have.
People are actually starting to ask to see my paintings.
Well, that's not the problem. I have a photo file entitled "Finished Work" synched to my iphone for just such occasions. Push a button and images of all my paintings are available at a moment's notice. But last night as I was showing my work to someone who might be interested in having a painting done, it occurred to me that a large number of paintings in that file were early works that I no longer feel represent what I am capable of. I found myself cringing and thinking, "Um, don't look at that one. Or that one. Or that one."
So my task for today was to ruthlessly edit that file and keep only paintings that I am truly proud to show off.
To tell you the truth, I was a little worried that there might not be much left when I got through. But know what?
There is.
Now if (when!) someone says, "Oh, you paint? Can I see?" I won't have to cringe.
Wanna see?

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