Surprises are fun!

My sweet, sweet friend, Angel, moved away a year ago. Not just away, but AWAY. As in, Alaska. And not even metropolitan Anchorage. No. Homer, Alaska. Which I suppose is what you do when you're a good, supportive wife and your husband gets a job there.
But still. What about her friend in Battle Ground who totally misses her? What about that, I ask you?
So, when Angel posted a picture of her beautful daughter having the time of her life going over a jump, I thought, "I know what to do! I'll see whether I can paint that picture and send it to her and it will be a big surprise!
Confession... part of the reason for not mentioning to Angel that I was painting this picture was the fact that I figured, well, if the painting is horrible, I'll just throw it away and nobody will be the wiser.
I also figured, well, if the painting is not too horrible and I do send it, she won't be disappointed that it didn't live up to her expectations, because she doesn't have any!
Wasn't that clever of me?
So, here is the end result, which I was actually pretty happy with. I think Angel was, too.
Miss ya, sweetie.

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  1. You are amazing, as always. Now, can you paint me as a supermodel? I'm not going to stop asking you know.


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