First ever "Lucy Likes It" Goodie Give Away

Hooray! Something new and fun today. And it involves a PRIZE!

Whether you are kinda-crafty, super-crafty or not-so-crafty you've got to check out these fantastic stamps from River City Rubber Works.

I first discovered this fantastic company when my friend karenpie made me a card with this stamped on the back...

How can you not love that?

So I found out from Karenpie where she had aquired such a hillarious and absolutely essential stamp and she told me that she found it in a little shop in Kansas when she was back there visiting family.

Seeing as how there are no trips to Kansas in my immediate future, I was understandably crushed.

But, then... A CLUE!

Upon closer inspection I noticed that the words "River City Rubber Works" were stamped on the back of the stamp.

Haha. Get it? Stamped on the stamp. That's funny!

***crickets chirping***

Okay, never mind.

Anyway, a quick google search led me to the charming River City Rubber Works web site. That site turned out to be way more entertaining than about 90% of what's on TV.

I thought about buying everything they had, but decided that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life explaining to people that I got divorced because I bought too many stamps.

So, with extraordinary self discipline (and a plan to go back later and buy more) I limited my purchase to this:

And, of course, this:

And, how could I be expected to pass up this:

If I had to choose, which, clearly, I didn't, I'd have to say that this last one is my very favorite.

Now, the very good and fun news.

You DO have to choose!

The unbelievably kind people at River City Rubber Works have generously donated a $10 gift certificate to be given away to one lucky reader of this blog.

I say lucky, because I have not yet hit the big time and acquired millions and millions of readers, so your odds of winning are actually pretty darned good.

All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section for this post, completing the following sentence:

"If I knew I could not fail, I would love to try..."

This is a nod to my recent attempts at water color.

This contest will remain open until, oh, say, Friday morning when I get up and check the results.

My plan is to figure out how to use a random number generator and pick one answer at random, so anything (family friendly) goes for an answer.

And hey, if nobody responds, don't think I won't use that gift certificate myself, because I WILL.

Thanks again, RCRW!


  1. woodcarving.
    Bob Seymour

  2. Ice skating. Jazz guitar playing. If you're thinking along the lines of an occupation - I'd be a black ops CIA spy. Of course I couldn't blog about it. Dang.

  3. you are too funny. I have stamps, pads, and cutsie paper to put them on, do you think I've used them in FOREVER, no.

    What am I gonna win?

  4. Being an Iron Chef

    Ramona Krueger

  5. If I only tried things that I thought I would not fail at, I would never try any thing. I have learned a lot, and have had a lot of fun trying new things, but still failing. I don't think there would be any challenge or fun in trying something you knew you would not fail at.

    Mike Seymour

  6. Making french pastries or better yet opening up my own bakery to sell pastries, cakes, and pies!

    Btw, love the stamps you chose, Lisa! You're so funny!!
    Doreen Gessner

  7. Melissa BrothertonFebruary 4, 2010 at 8:57 PM

    I would try to be a cool singer and dancer or I would settle for singer at church worship..........what else maybe an RN, Lawyer or Dental assistant.........

  8. I would go on 100 endurence ride. (but only if I wasn't sore afterwards!!!)

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