Okay, I've never tried to put a video on this blog before, but the time has come. These videos are such a window to the past that I practically cried the first 7,823 times I watched them. Just kidding. I've really only watched them 4,986 times. But there was no almost about the crying.
You try being the mom of these two and seeing them like this, when they are now NOT like this anymore.
These videos were taken while the kids were riding on our church's float in the Battle Ground Harvest Days Parade. I think Mason is about 5, which would make Max not quite 3. Why, oh, why aren't they 5 and 3 anymore?

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  1. Melissa BrothertonAugust 7, 2009 at 9:45 PM

    the videos worked! nice job !!you are so techno savy


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