Moving forward

All right, stay with me here, people. I know I've been a little sketchy on getting new posts out. The reason is, I've been considering bailing on the whole blog thing and focusing entirely on working on a book. Everything I've heard and read says, don't put anything on a blog that you hope to get published. Once it's out in the blogosphere you can't really plan on getting it published. Fish or cut bait, fish or cut bait????????????? Book or blog? Well, here's the thing. I may never in life get published and the pressure of it kind of freaks me out a little bit. So... That said, I'm gonna go from alternating between dinking around with this and ignoring it out of major blogging guilt. Let's do it! Besides, lots of the really fun stuff, like pictures, recipes and really way out there random topics just don't fit in the narrow confines of a possibly publishable book. So I'm touching base with my web site guru friend to see if she's totally given up on me. If not, I'm gonna revamp this whole deal and start having some real fun with it. I'm hearing crickets, so if there's nobody still out there, I'll totally understand. If you're still there, I'm impressed. Hang with me and let's go!

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